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November release ORKS & GIANTS!

Hi pack!! im so sorry for this late, i had many problems with PC and was really hard to prepare everything this month. hope you like it!!

This month like I promised in poll, we’ll have a ORKS!! and giants!!!

Remember that EARLYBIRD is still alive and you can get everything starting at 5,50$, or painter edition content for just 1$

The content exact is this:

Pack of 7 Orks with 32-35mm scale, the have from 42mm womans to 48mm brutus orks of total height.

  • 2 Diferents Frost Giants based on DnD / Pathfinder RPG. the straight giant have 142mm of height and a base of 75mm

 1 Ninfa (is the Painter tier edition content), she have a 80mm of height (body only) like all painter editions, are done in 75mm scale proportions

  • 1 Giant gorila , with 74mm of height.

– 2 Carts, 32-35mm scale they come in 2 versions, loaded of supplies and empty 🙂


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