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Loyalty Dragon & March Release!

Good morning everyone! Here i let you the full march release! Dagon and Deep ones ! (with as always more stuff )

And The loyalty Gift since March for only 3 months consecutive subscribers will be this Giant Black Dragon with lava Base đŸ™‚

He’s almost finished and will be avaible in few days along starting March days 😀

Remember follow me for stay tunned and if you want to see my private comissions on instagram check this Link: https://www.instagram.com/imp3dsion/

  • Dagon ( And PDF with Stats Block for him, done by kasgovs on Instagram)
  • 6 Deep ones in diff poses
  • 2 versions of Blood Priest ( one of them are with HQ chains and the other with more thic chains)
  • 1 Shaman woman with a OwlBear beast as pet
  • 1 Astral death
  • 1 mindflayer in classic DnD version
  • 1 Pit mimic
  • 1 Pit 🙂

Total of 14 Miniatures, hope you will enjoy and like them ,in first stage will show you the dragon loyalty gift render, and after that, will be the march release images (not all, but some of them, you can download in original size the principal image in 8k)

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