Hastur is coming for Febrary

Hi! I would like to share with you the new February release with this full content!

Again with a Lovecraftian themed release, The principal miniature this month is Hastur, The king in yellow, pale mask. With a new investigator, new mimic, and a new amazonian ravager with her bear pet, and more!!!

  1. Hastur in 2 versions
  2. Pale mask avatar
  3. 3 cthulhu Servants
  4. little sandworms
  5. 1 Amazonian woman ravager
  6. 1 amazonian Bear Pet
  7. 2 plague doctors with a different asset in the hand
  8. investigator
  9. investigator’s German Shepherd
  10. Mimic Bag
  11. Flesh Eater, lovecraftian monster

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