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Kickstarter 29 december – The Undead Army

Hi to everyone! Wanted to share this new about something i’ve been working this last months the content have the same schedule that my tribes, will have version for painters and miniwargames, rpg tabletop players


  1. The first Tier it’s a Necromancer in 75mm scale with variety of options for the chest, optional cape, and two weapons.
    1. This tier will have a special version explained in the Frontiers when launch.
  2. The second Tier is the option to create a Modular Undead Army. (there will have prebuild skeletons too (many) ). In this Tier you’ll get a 35mm scaled necromancer adapted to this scale too(different proportions, sizes etc..)
    1. Here you can print pieces and create your owns in physical format
    2. Create your owns soldiers in the Soldier Maker Blender file i’ll give you and print them in one piece.
    3. Simply print the ones you’ll find in the folders 🙂

I Really hope you receive this frontiers with open arms and like to everyone!

For sure, if you reach this part of the text, i want to let you know that everyone that support this frontier, don’t matter the Tier, will have a free trial of my Tribes along january 2024.

Have a nice day!

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