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February release

February release is live, and the content this month is about Dwarf themed miniatures ūüôā

This month we activated the yearly payment for a cheaper and comfortable option for everyone who are interested in this content.

Every miniatures are 35mm scale and the bases are 28mm for standard individual minis, and bigger for mounted characters(50mm) or giants (75mm)

Content of February:

-x1 Dwarf painter edition 75mm (1$)

-x4 Guards armored Dwarfs

-x2 Belisarius highly armored Dwarfs

-x1 Dwarf Hunter with his Bear companion

-x3 Goat Riders Dwarfs

-x2 Fire Giant with different versions

-x1 Dwarf Tank

-x2 Bases

Total of 14 Miniatures and 2 Bases




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