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December release! The Bullywug Clan

Good morning folks! DECEMBER RELEASE

hope everything going well for everyone!

A recordatory for Tribers! if you bring someone to Tribes and say it to me, you both will have 90% discount code for the Object Store you select! do not hesitate to join on my Discord to stay Tunned!! https://discord.gg/dGBxByEktU


Remember that EARLYBIRD is still alive and you can get everything starting at 5,50$, or painter edition content for just 1$, You can join going this link!


The content exact is this:

  • Pack of 5 Bullywug samurais
  • Pack of 4 Bullywug ninjas
  • 1 Bullywug BOSS , which will be the painter tier release edition, full of details
  • 1 scarecrown has servant of boss
  • 2 brutes (every group of enemies need them 😛 )
  • 2 Hill Giants, based on Dungeons and Dragons bestiary, like all giants im making! 🙂

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